Teacher Coaching Simplified


Teacher Coaching Simplified

Custom software to drive teacher growth

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    Aiming to end educational inequality by using excellent teachers and best teaching practices to ensure effective teaching across all classrooms.

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    ReNEW Schools seeks to turnaround low-performing open admission public schools in New Orleans, and currently operates five campuses.

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    Building the academic, social, emotional, and spiritual foundations our students need to create their best selves and transform their world.

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    FirstLine Schools’ mission is to create and inspire great open-admission public schools in New Orleans.

Technology to support teachers

Professional development is often de-prioritized, under-planned, and poorly delivered in the competition for time and attention to other school needs.

That’s why we created Whetstone

Whetstone is an instructional coaching platform designed to support efficient and collaborative teacher development, making coach & teacher interactions as high-leverage as possible.

Our Solution Is As Unique
as Your Students


We work hand-in-hand to develop a user friendly and comprehensive software solution that meets the needs of your organization’s existing (or desired) evaluation process.


Throughout the course of the school year we discuss with you how to make the system more impactful to better meet your needs by seeking feedback, adding new features, and improving functionality.

Let Whetstone sweat the small stuff

Create an impact in the classroom while saving time and resources.


Create any type of observation framework for educator evaluation no matter how simple or complex.

Observation Capture

Rubrics can be used on any major device with an Internet connection to capture educator performance and weight it against the relevant criteria.

Calendar Integration

Request and schedule observations.

Everything integrates into your existing calendar.

Video Platform

Upload any format of classroom videos.

Rate videos against rubrics that have been developed.

Timestamp and bookmark areas of video for targeted feedback or exemplar sharing.

Data Visualization

Organize a comprehensive data set specific to what is actionable for administrators, coaches, and teachers.

Illustrate with graphs for easier understanding.

Teaching is an artscience and every classroom is different

We offer a customizable solution to drive professional development at the organizational and individual level.


  • A one-stop shop to view organization or specific-teacher performance against various criteria.
  • Drill down ability to view group or individual detail.
  • Data query to set search parameters and export customized templates.
  • Set organization wide focus areas or action items and set alert system to.

Teacher Coach

  • A flexible tool to support, streamline, and enhance your approach teacher coaching, and collaborate.
  • A walk sheet to organize the most actionable teacher coaching information.


  • A dynamic tool to set, track, and drive development against a personalized growth plan.