As an instructional leader, you’re dedicated to helping your teachers improve their practice. But it’s easy to lose track of which teachers need support with what growth areas, when you’re busy putting out fires and juggling the tasks on your endless to do list. Whetstone can help you and your team put everything related to classroom observation in one place with smart analytics, so you can get into more classrooms and have more data-driven coaching conversations to help you hit your school growth goals.

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Managing classroom observation and teacher coaching data for one school is hard -- multiply that by 20. Or 50. Or 100! With the time and resources invested in developing a district-wide coaching system, it’s critical you have an efficient way to show its impact. Whetstone gives you access to coaching and evaluation data across ALL of your schools, as well as operations and central office staff, making it ridiculously easy for the Academics, Data, and HR Teams to pull pertinent data at the end of the year.

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Helping leaders coach teachers is hard -- especially when you can’t be in the building every day. Whetstone helps organizations like Relay GSE, Teach For America, New Leaders, and Leading Educators capture data when they’re in schools, collaborate virtually when they’re not, and see trends across all partners to better refine programming and support.