Make RELAY GSE more manageable

If you’re taking part in Relay GSE’s National Principal Academy Fellowship or Principal Supervisor Academy Fellowship, you’re probably seeing some awesome growth in your teachers. But, you’re also probably up to your elbows in all of the See It, Name It, Do It and Weekly Data Meeting forms you’re using to keep track of the observations and coaching meetings you’re having with your teachers. And, you’ve probably spent more time than you’d like searching through your email to find a teacher’s previous action step. You’re a busy principal; you don’t have time for that. Plus, those binders are heavy!

laptop 2.jpg

that’s why there’s whetstone

Whetstone was designed by a principal going through the NPAF program to solve this exact problem. Whetstone, the preferred platform of Relay GSE, gives you one home for:

  • See It, Name It, Do It forms

  • Weekly Data Meeting forms

  • Action Step trackers aligned to the Get Better Faster Sequence

  • Get Better Faster reports

Relay GSE best practices are built in to Whetstone, so that your coaching platform is completely aligned to the content you’re learning. And, by supporting hundreds of instructional leaders going through the Relay NPAF and PSAF programs since 2015, we stay up to date on the newest strategies for instructional coaching, so that we can continually iterate the Whetstone platform to stay on the cutting edge. (Oh! We offer special pricing for current Relay GSE participants. Don’t forget to ask!)