Training & Support

“We promise to help our partners meet their Whetstone goals by sharing frequent data reports and best practices from other partners.”
— Lizzie McDonald, Director of Customer Success


Onboarding your users with Whetstone is simple. After you say “Yes!” to Whetstone, your Customer Success Manager (CSM) helps you take care of the rest. Partners can opt into a Train the Trainer model or co-facilitate training with your CSM. Either way, your users will be ready to hit the ground running with Whetstone after our interactive, practice-intensive training. Available in-person or via video conference, the training is personalized to your school’s process, allowing your users to practice using Whetstone with real-time feedback and support from a trainer.

Can’t get everyone together for training at the same time? We’ve got self-guided options, too.

Need a refresher training mid-year or a user guide on a specific Whetstone feature? We’ve got you covered! Our comprehensive resource library is available 24/7 to all of our users.

Customer Support

At Whetstone, we want all of our customers to be successful. That’s why we provide unlimited customer support via email and telephone for all of our clients. And, hey, if you ever find yourself in New Orleans, we can even chat Whetstone over crawfish and king cake! We offer:

  • Email support from Whetstone’s dedicated customer support team.
  • Live phone support Monday-Friday from 9-5 pm CST.
  • An under 2 hour response time during business hours.
  • Unlimited access to all of our training resources, including help guides and videos.
  • Access to continued training and shadowing opportunities throughout the year.
  • Fun! We promise that your interaction will be quick, easy, and it may even include GIFs