Teacher coaching is complex. Your teacher coaching platform shouldn’t be.

Whetstone makes classroom observation easier with a platform where leaders can take observation notes, share feedback, set goals, and analyze growth in one place. 


Whetstone lets school leaders take observation notes, share feedback, set goals, & analyze growth in one place.


Whetstone’s quantitative and qualitative reporting pinpoints teacher growth needs so that school leaders can provide data-driven professional development to all teachers.


Share observation data & feedback with one click, support teachers with video coaching, and connect teachers with resources to drive their development in real time.

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Whetstone supports 90 school districts and CMOs of all sizes, from 3 schools to 111. Beyond identifying school- and district-wide teacher performance trends, Whetstone helps school districts automate their end of year HR processes.


Whetstone makes a school leader’s life easier with one place to organize all teacher observation data and real-time analytics to help school leaders provide data-driven professional development to teachers.


Whetstone partners with rigorous teacher and leader development programs on coaching and evaluation processes.  The Relay Graduate School of Education uses Whetstone in its National Principals Academy Fellowship, where participant leaders practice providing high-leverage feedback to teachers.