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Tera carr, principal

"Sometimes Whetstone is one of the only reasons we are in classrooms, because it makes it super obvious who needs an observation!”

ashley martin, chief academic officer

"Our team is loving Whetstone. This is holding us accountable for observing, and sparking all kinds of conversations with teachers outside of the platform. Folks are saying, ‘Thanks for the feedback. I just tried [XYZ]. Come see.’ Also, the principal and I are seeing some trends more clearly just by virtue of systematically writing quick feedback. So great.”


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Eric dupre, data analytics specialist

“Whetstone's API allows us to pull an entire year's worth of data on all 500 of our teachers instantaneously. During peak reporting times, we know that we can pull data quickly without any downtime on our database. Compared to the 20+ academic and accountability systems I interact with on a daily basis, Whetstone is the only one that seems to have planned data extraction and analysis into its product development.”