Data-Driven Teacher Development


Whetstone is a customizable classroom observation platform where schools can take observation notes, share feedback, set goals, and analyze growth in one place.



Whetstone’s observation suite gives leaders one spot to take notes, prepare for meetings, track action steps, and share feedback in real time.


Whetstone’s communication tools make sharing easy and help leaders and teachers work collaboratively to make progress toward instructional goals.


Whetstone’s analytics make it easy to identify teachers’ growth needs so that leaders can provide data-driven professional development.


Configure your Whetstone site with our robust feature set to match your school’s observation and coaching process.


Form and Rubric Creator

Build your organization’s forms and rubrics into your personalized Whetstone site, or create new ones containing both quantitative and qualitative measurements.


Observation Capture & Video Coaching

Capture in-the-moment observations on your laptop or mobile device, and give teachers time-stamped feedback with our video coaching toolkit.


Goal and Action Step Trending

Whetstone’s Action Step and Goal managers track and analyze teachers’ incremental progress, allowing leaders to personalize PD in real-time and measure teachers’ qualitative skill development over a school year.



Teacher performance cannot always be summarized with a number. Whetstone measures Quantitative & Qualitative data side-by-side to identify trends and build a robust picture of teacher growth.


Teacher Development Timeline/Portfolio

Like your Facebook Feed, but for coaching! All coaching interactions over the school year roll up in a neat list to give teachers transparency into their professional growth and invest them in their place as a member of your school family.


Instructional Resource Library

When you identify a teacher’s growth area, use Whetstone’s resource suggester to find and share videos, resources, and coaching plans targeted to individual’s needs.



Organize your data. Coach your teachers. Grow your school.