set-up, training, & support

Worried you don’t have time to set up and learn a brand new system?

That’s why we have a Customer Success Team.


Once you say “Yes!” to Whetstone, you’ll be paired with a Customer Success Manager (CSM) who will learn your school’s coaching and/or evaluation process and help you configure your site to match. For the technologically advanced, your CSM will train you on how to manage your Whetstone site on your own; for the not-so-technologically advanced, we’ll be there every step of the way.


Our training options allow you to choose the style and delivery of training that best suits your users. From self-guided webinars to practice-intensive live trainings, you’ll be prepared to use Whetstone competently on the 1st day of school. And, throughout the year, the Customer Success Team will send additional resources and videos to build your capacity in Whetstone. Some training options include: PD-Embedded (our most successful option!), Train the Trainer, Self-Guided, and Co-facilitated Live Training (in person or virtual).

ongoing support

At Whetstone, we want all of our customers to be successful. That’s why we provide unlimited customer support via email and telephone for all of our clients. And, hey, if you ever find yourself in New Orleans, we can even chat Whetstone over crawfish and king cake! We offer:

  • Email support from Whetstone’s dedicated Customer Support team.

  • Live phone support Monday-Friday from 9-5 pm CST.

  • An under 2 hour response time during business hours.

  • Unlimited access to all of our Help Center, complete with videos and text guides.

  • Access to continued training and shadowing opportunities throughout the year.

  • Fun! We promise that your interaction will be quick, easy, and may even include a GIF!


As a Whetstone partner, you can expect our team to push your school to use its data to ensure that the PD you provide teachers is high-leverage and targeted to their individual needs. Whetstone’s reports help school leaders answer their big questions about how best to support teachers, and we continually refine our data analytics to support the increasing complexity of your reporting needs throughout the year. We also consult on rubric building and refinement, as well as setting goals and expectations around implementation and usage.


Whetstone is passionate about teacher success. We stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices, and bring this information to our schools to ensure that teachers are receiving the best possible development and that Whetstone is meeting school leaders’ needs. We also help schools connect to our API, which pulls data between Whetstone and other teacher or student data platforms, giving school leaders context and a fuller picture of what’s happening across classrooms.