Simply put: we are obsessed with our city.

Whetstone would not exist without New Orleans. The city’s unique school model created an environment of urgent, innovative principals willing to test out a new technology platform on the promise that it would make their lives a little easier. Lucky for Whetstone, each principal had designed a unique instructional coaching processes. This meant that these early adopters gave us constant feedback that pushed us to iterate the platform to be extremely flexible and customizable, which made it easy for Whetstone to expand to work with schools and districts across the country. Thank you, New Orleans. We love you.


New Orleans is in our blood. Like all New Orleanians, we are constantly talking about food, music, and the Saints. At our company-wide “Lunch Club” on Mondays, we sit around talking about what we’re going to eat for dinner, or debating where to find the best crawfish. At our La Croix Happy Hour on Thursdays, we celebrate our small victories of the week and then talk endlessly about the Saints’ chances of winning their next game. And there’s a strong probability that, on the weekend, you’ll run into a colleague if you’re out enjoying live music at Chickie Wah Wah, Tipitina’s, or Gasa Gasa.

Here’s what this all comes down to: We don’t want to work anywhere BUT New Orleans. Because there’s always something fun going on in the city, we set out to prove that you can build a high-growth SaaS tech company without working 100 hours a week. Most days we leave the office by 5pm to enjoy live music in Lafayette Square with each other, Pelicans games with our friends, or bike rides with our families on the levee. And Whetstone’s unlimited time off policy makes it easy to take a day off work to enjoy our favorite festivals (namely Jazz Fest, Essence Fest, and VooDoo). Oh, and we shouldn’t forget to mention that Mardi Gras is a company holiday! :-)