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Evaluation & performance management

Does your district have different rubrics for teachers, principals, and operations staff? All of them can live in Whetstone! All rubrics are customizable in Whetstone, and we make it easy to show the right rubrics to the right people so evaluation is a breeze.

Time-stamped notes

Coaches use Whetstone’s “Running Record” to capture what they’re observing in the classroom second by second. Whether you call them literal notes, low-inference notes, or simply “notes,” this tool will make it easy for you to identify critical moments during your observations to increase the impact of your coaching conversations.

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Observation & debrief templates

Capture in-the-moment observations on your laptop or mobile device using any number of observation forms or templates. Observation forms are completely customizable, so you can focus your observations on your school’s specific needs.

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Action Steps are bite-sized pieces of feedback teachers work on weekly or monthly. Whetstone’s Action Step and Goal managers make it easy for coaches to assign and share action steps with teachers, as well as track mastery, allowing leaders to measure teachers’ qualitative skill growth over time.


During Weekly Data Meetings (WDMs), instructional coaches help teachers identify student misconceptions and subsequently plan a re-teach lesson to help students master objectives. With Whetstone Meetings, schools can easily track every type of feedback meeting that occurs — WDMs, O3s, 1:1s, or standard observation debriefs.

instructional coaching reports

Whetstone’s Coaching Reports make it easy to see what action step each teacher across the school is working on, as well as what instructional skills they’re struggling with. This helps instructional leaders deliver PD that is personalized to each teacher’s individual growth needs.

Evaluation reporting

Whetstone’s Evaluation Reports make it easy for coaches, principals, HR managers, and data specialists to pull the evaluation data they need for end of year reporting.

Teacher Development Timeline/Portfolio

Like your Facebook Feed, but for coaching! All coaching interactions over the school year roll up in a neat list to give teachers transparency into their professional growth and invest them in their place as a member of your school family.


Instructional Resource Library

When you identify a teacher’s growth area, use Whetstone’s resource suggestions to find and share videos, exemplars, and coaching plans targeted to individual’s needs.