Your job is to help your instructional team grow; our job is to make your job easy.


Friday, 4:30pm: Marcus, a principal, pulls up Whetstone on Friday after school. He checks the touchpoint dashboard to see which teachers he should prioritize next week and updates his calendar accordingly.

Circle 11 - Touchpoint Dash.png
Circle 6 - Quick Feedback (1).png

Monday, 7:30am: Marcus is preparing for student arrival. Using his iPhone, Marcus gives Quick Feedback to the Operations Team to praise their efficient work during bus duty.

Circle 7 - SND (2).png

8:15am: Marcus observes Ms. Plamondon’s first period English class using the See It, Name It, Do It form from Relay NPAF.


8:55am: Marcus shares Quick Feedback with three teachers during hallway transitions to compliment their work in improving the efficiency of the transitions that had been cutting into class time.


9:15am: Marcus meets with Mr. King, who he observed Friday, for an observation debrief and lesson planning meeting.

Circle 2 - Notifications.png

9:45am: Marcus receives a notification in Whetstone letting him know that one of his new teachers is making progress on his Action Step for the week. Marcus drops by his classroom for 5 minutes to observe the progress.


10:00am: Marcus observes Ms. Velez using the district’s official Teacher Evaluation Framework. Quarterly evaluations must be submitted by the end of the week.

Circle 12 - WDM 2.png

11:00am: Marcus meets with the Special Education Team for their Weekly Data Meeting.


12:05pm: Marcus reviews the notes from his second observation of the day, using them to craft the feedback he will share with Ms. Velez at their meeting on Thursday.


1:00pm: Marcus covers lunch duty for Mr. DePietro, who is off-site at a Math conference. From his tablet, he shares Quick Feedback with all teachers on lunch duty, including one glow and one grow.

Circle 8 - Performance Dash (2).png

2:00pm: Marcus is planning next week’s personalized professional development sessions. He pulls up the Performance Dashboard to build practice groups. The report’s color coding makes it easy to see which teachers should be in the classroom management PD session, and which teachers should be in the PD session on rigorous lesson planning.


2:45pm: Marcus debriefs last Friday’s observation with Ms. Kraushar. Together they review a video of her classroom, jointly identify areas of growth she’d like to focus on, and set a plan for practice and feedback over the next month.


3:45pm: School is dismissed and Marcus is supporting with bus duty. Using Quick Feedback, he sends another piece of positive praise to Mrs. Wilson, who is managing dismissal.

Circle 1 - Action Step (2).png

4:15pm: Marcus meets with Mr. Bliss for a debrief meeting. Together they practice his Action Step for the week.


4:55pm: Before heading home for the day, Marcus checks his observation schedule for the next day. He adds in a scheduled observation for a new science teacher he noticed needed some support.