Life Hacks for School Leaders: #4 - Hire Someone to do a Low-leverage Task

Just because you can assemble furniture, doesn’t mean you have to. As a school leader or teacher, your time is much better spent on high-leverage tasks like analyzing student work to identify misconceptions than on putting together your latest purchase from IKEA. IMAGINE: you’re seated comfortably at your couch, re-writing lesson plans to incorporate new questions to push students to think analytically. Across the room, someone else deftly assembles your new kitchen table.

It’s not a dream! There are a bunch of services and apps out there that solve this problem for you. Taskrabbit is one service available in many cities that gives you your own personal assistant and handyman/woman. Here are the six categories of help they offer:

  1. General Cleaning
  2. General Handyman
  3. Moving Help
  4. Delivery & Shopping
  5. Furniture Assembly
  6. Lift & Shift Furniture

Taskrabbit is competitively priced, so if you have the means, consider it. Don’t want to use Taskrabbit, here are a bunch of alternatives.