Life Hacks for School Leaders: #3 - Get Toilet Paper Delivered to Your Door

I asked principal Ron Gubitz for a list of errands that are hard to get done when you’re a school leader. His first reply to me was “EVERYTHING.” When he finally made a list, I was struck by this one: “Buying ANYTHING from a store ever.” This item struck me because there is such a simple answer: online shopping. You can find ANYTHING online and have it shipped to you in a matter of days. At the Whetstone office, we’ve set up monthly Amazon shipments for staples like printer paper, toilet paper, and La Croix. If you can do it for the office, why not at home? Set up monthly Amazon deliveries for pantry staples like paper towels, aluminum foil, band-aids, and kleenex. Beyond the ease of having these items come right to your door (in two days if you have Amazon Prime!), keeping your cupboards stocked with auto-deliveries will shorten the length of your trips to the store when you absolutely have to go.