Life Hacks for School Leaders: #2 - Your Phone is also a Bank

If you haven’t yet switched to online banking, now is the time. If you are a school leader or teacher, your time is far too valuable to go out of your way to get to the bank and sit in your car waiting for the ATM. And, in 2016, there is almost no reason to go to an ATM! Most major banks now have phone apps that allow you to do pretty much anything you would do at an ATM -- including depositing checks -- from anywhere. Need cash? Get cash back the next time you’re at the grocery store or pharmacy and combine two errands into one. In addition to replacing the ATM with your phone, save yourself even more time by setting up your recurring payments. Just do it. Sending a check to your landlord or mortgage company each month may not seem like a huge lift, but beyond writing the check, it requires you to keep checks, envelopes, and stamps stocked, and remember to send it. Teachers and school leaders have better things to do. If you set up recurring payments through your bank’s online platform (and almost all banks have one), you can pay every bill -- rent, health care, electric, water, etc. -- without even thinking about it. If you estimate that it takes about 5 minutes per bill to read the bill, write the check, address the envelope, and put it in the mail box , then you can give yourself back 20-30 minutes a month (add 30 minutes if you have to go to the store to get envelopes or stamps) to spend with your family or tie up loose ends at work. Why wouldn’t you give yourself this time back?