Life Hacks for School Leaders: #1 - Dry Clean at Your Desk

School leaders and teachers are the busiest people I know. They get to school before most businesses open and leave after most close. Rarely do they get to leave campus to run errands on their lunch break, so it’s nearly impossible to make it to the dry cleaners, the bank, the dentist, or even let in the cable guy. Whetstone’s mission is to build technology that makes life easier for instructional leaders. While we haven’t yet created a dry cleaning app (maybe someday!), we’re starting a series of weekly time-saving life hacks for school leaders and teachers to help redirect their time to what matters most: their students and families.


Most dry cleaners are only open 9am-5pm and rarely on weekends (so convenient!). And, as far as I know, iPhones still can’t do our dry cleaning for us, sadly. But, if you can’t get to the cleaners before it closes, a handheld steamer can get the job done in a pinch. I keep a steamer at the office and use it to dewrinkle when necessary. They’re cheap, portable, and can get you an additional one to two wears out of a suit, which is a lot of time (and money!) saved at the dry cleaners.