Improving Teacher Evaluation

The Aspen Institute’s Education and Society Program recently released a report titled “Teacher Evaluation and Support Systems: A Roadmap for Improvement.” The report identifies 10 strategies to improve teacher evaluation, acknowledging that some may be easier to implement than others. Ross Wiener, Vice President of the Aspen Institute, wrote an article for Education Week pointing out 3 of the most important strategies covered in the report. State leaders who helped the Aspen Institute compile the recommendations believe these 3 strategies hold the most promise to improve teacher evaluation.

  1. Ensure that evaluators are trained and certified to focus on professional growth, not just ratings.
  2. Allow districts some flexibility in accounting for student learning.
  3. Test and ensure the integrity of the evaluation system.

To learn more about all 10 strategies to improve teacher evaluation, click here. Which strategies will you try to implement? Would you recommend another strategy for improvement?