Future Ready Leaders Month

April is Future Ready Leaders Month organized by the Office of Educational Technology. In an effort to support the 2016 National Education Technology Plan, the Office of Educational Technology put together a personalized set of tools superintendents can use in order to become Future Ready. images

The personalized toolkit pulls from 50 short videos that are generated after the superintendent takes a short assessment of his/her district. In the assessment, the superintendent will be asked to rate the district on each focus area of Future Ready leadership: Collaborative Leadership, Personalized Student Learning, Robust Infrastructure, and Personalized Professional Learning. Available for leaders is also a research synthesis on the Characteristics of Future Ready Leadership. The report dives deeper into practices Future Ready leaders may use to leverage technology to benefit teaching and learning.

Throughout April there are also multiple Twitter chats, including a chat on Collaborative Leadership from 8-9 PM. EST on April 6 and a discussion on Personalized Professional Learning from 7:30-8:30 PM EST on April 30.

Do you plan on joining in on Future Ready Leaders Month? How else can you be prepared to be a Future Ready leader?