14 States #GoOpen

Several weeks ago, the U.S. Department of Education hosted the #GoOpen Exchange, a summit focusing on open educational resources, or OERs, and the transition many districts and states are making to using high quality OERs in the classroom. Leaders from 14 states and 40 school districts across the country met in Marin County, California and decided to go open. GoOpen-States-V2-480w

OERs include lesson plans, worksheets, video, and even textbooks and other course materials. The increased use of these types of resources will allow for more sharing and adaptation across educators, but it will also allow teaching resources to keep pace with changes in research around learning and teaching.

The resource we will see most affected is textbooks. Currently, schools must pay exorbitant amounts for textbooks that are static for the duration of their use. OERs would allow those materials to ebb and flow, empowering teachers to adapt and students to interact more with the resources.

To read more about the #GoOpen Exchange, click here. Is your state a member of the inaugural group? How else can openness affect teaching and learning in schools?