Women in Tech at Collision Conference

Whetstone is excited to attend Collision, a national conference that draws speakers and attendees from the country’s fastest growing tech startups. Collision has moved its conference headquarters to New Orleans this year, and the conference is slated to run from April 26-28. imgres

As part of Collision’s commitment to change, they’ve offered complimentary tickets to women in tech in an effort to bridge the gender gap in the industry. The women at Whetstone (75% of the company!) snagged a few of these tickets, and we couldn’t be more excited to attend the conference!

Collision was created by the team behind Web Summit, a conference in Europe that has grown to hosting 22,000 attendees since beginning in 2010. The conference now boasts itself as “America’s fastest growing tech conference” with 7,500 attendees from over 50 countries across the world.

The conference is also conveniently placed between the two weekends of New Orleans’ greatest festival, Jazz Fest. Interested in joining us at Collision? Come on down! Want to meet up at Collision? Email allison@whetstoneeducation.com.