Shadow a Student Challenge

Can student shadowing foster empathy and make students feel valued? From February 29 to March 4, school leaders across the country are encouraged to sign up to shadow a student for a day in the Shadow a Student Challenge.url School Retool, IDEO, and teamed up to bring this project to life under the belief that the week would help school leaders to rethink the student experience by (literally) stepping into a student’s shoes. From dressing like a student to riding the bus to going to class, the challenge is to leave behind usual leadership duties to truly understand the experiences students have each day.

After the shadowing, leaders are invited to reflect among the community and to participate in a “Hacktivity,” which is a short exercise designed to help a leader think through a big idea and create a hack based on that idea. With that in mind, School Retool reminds us that, “The goal isn’t to get it perfect – it’s to learn, fast.”

So far 726 school leaders in 44 US States and 13 countries have signed up for the challenge. Will you be in that number? Let us know below how else you can rethink the student experience.