Instructional Coaches Integral for Success

“Working with an instructional coach doesn't mean that teachers are weak, it actually shows how strong they are because they believe they can always get better. Great instructional coaches that have an impact on teaching and learning in the classroom learn as much from the teacher they work with as the teacher learns from the coach.” - Peter DeWitt In a recent Education Week article, education leader Peter DeWitt explains just why teachers need instructional coaches, and how the things instructional coaches learn from teachers benefit schools as a whole. He describes being a high school and college runner, and why coaches were integral to his success.

DeWitt argues that instructional coaches are both essential and incredibly helpful to the success of both developing and developed teachers. He points out that, according to Jim Knight, a teacher will retain up to 90% of information learned alongside his/her coach. He also points out the reciprocal relationship that teachers and coaches can have, with coaches learning just as much from teachers.

How has your instructional coach helped your instruction? As an instructional coach, what do you learn from your teachers? To read the full article, click here.