PLAY Dates for PD

Why not treat professional development like children treat playdates? Leave time to explore, practice, and share with one another. Angie de Guzman, a Maryland State Department of Education employee had this idea, and decided to implement it for educators in her state. Angie wanted to create a day of personalized learning and professional development for teachers, so she decided to iterate on the idea of a P.L.A.Y. (People Learning and Asking Why (y)) Date. PLAY dates are different because the idea is that there is no set agenda or experts. Educators simply explore different tools and have time for collaboration and questions for the facilitator.

At Angie’s first event, 200 educators came to try different tools and share insights. Activities were broken up into five different rooms, and the events are open, with educators encouraged to move freely throughout the rooms to explore.

Could you see your educators benefitting from a PD PLAY Date? Share your thoughts below!