Can Self Directed Growth Plans Help?

Have you ever thought about how a Self-Directed Growth Plan could impact a teacher’s progress? A Self-Directed Growth Plan is a plan that keeps differentiated learning in mind. Teachers build their plans around measurable objectives, and the plan can take the form of many different types of activities, including curriculum design and peer review, among others. In a recent EdSurge article written by Adam Fried of Harrington Park School District, he explains how the use of these plans affected his school district in a positive way. When the district realized they needed a more individualized approach to teacher growth, they brought in teachers and administrators to develop a way to rebuild the observation process.


The plans are made each year within different content or grade levels, and teachers work in cohorts to execute the plans together. Plans progress and pivot throughout the school year and are presented to a panel at the end of the year for final commentary.

Could you see your school using Self-Directed Growth Plans for teacher development and coaching? Let us know what you think!