The Importance of Data Dashboards

The U.S. Department of Education’s National Education Technology Plan was just released, and a major focus of the plan was data dashboards. The USDOE urged states, districts, and education technology companies to develop and use data dashboards to “integrate information from assessments, learning tools, educator observations, and other sources to provide compelling, comprehensive visual representations of student progress in real time.” Dashboards can help inform goal-setting and track progress, and they can also blend data from multiple sources to advise decisions made in the classroom. The use of data dashboards is growing, but according to the USDOE you’ll see them popularize in the coming year.NETP

Whetstone utilizes data dashboards to inform our users up-front of trends in observation frequency, incremental teacher growth, and overall teacher effectiveness,. These dashboards roll up in real time, allowing leaders to stay up to date with what is going on in the classroom.

While the National Education Technology Plan focuses mostly on student data dashboards, what other type of data do you think is important to view on a dashboard? What are the implications of seeing teacher coaching and observation data displayed within a dashboard? Leave your comments below!