Trends in the Trends of 2016

Happy New Year! From personalized learning plans to virtual reality, it seems everyone wants to weigh in on education trends for 2016. Lucky for you, Whetstone has combined some of these articles into a “Trends in the Trends of 2016”.

Education Dive compiled a list of “5 K-12 trends to watch in 2016” that lists budget crises, personalized learning plans, holistic approaches to learning, the end of PARCC, and charter school accountability as trends to look out for.

Edtech Magazine focuses more on education technology trends in their article, “5 Tech Trends that Could Supercharge Education in 2016”. The article reviews emerging technologies and how they have and will continue to impact education. Among the list is wearable technology and interactive technology.

Lastly, NPR weighed in on “6 Education Stories to Watch in 2016”. Their predictions ranged from a closer eye on charter schools to predictions on the effect of the new Every Student Succeeds Act.

What do you predict will be an education trend in 2016? Add your thoughts in the comments below. And stay tuned to see which of these trends will progress in the new year...