The Importance of Teacher Evaluation and Accountability

A recent TechCrunch article by Lucy Boyd delves into a topic near and dear to Whetstone’s heart, arguing that “Edtech Should Focus on Teacher Evaluation and Accountability”.   While there has been a recent increase in interest over teacher evaluation and accountability, investment dollars have not followed. Investments in years past have mostly been on student facing platforms, higher education, and MOOCs, leaving out more teacher or school-leadership facing technologies.

Male teacher standing before students (8-10) with hands raised

There are a few teacher facing platforms, however, they focus more on teacher training that occurs before teachers enter the classroom. This is despite the demand for platforms that focus on teachers once they are in the classroom, e.g., teacher coaching and development, accountability, and evaluation.

The article mentioned Whetstone along with Teaching Channel and Kickboard as leaders in this space, and argues for schools and investors to expand their focus to include this type of product. To read the full article, click here, and to learn more about how Whetstone is getting involved, stay tuned for our blog series on teacher coaching.