A Necessary Change In the Teaching Profession

“If we do not change the perception of the teaching profession, schools will not be able to recruit high-achieving young people into the classroom.” This is a quote from The Center for American Progress’s recently released report titled “Smart, Skilled, and Striving: Transforming and Elevating the Teaching Profession”. In this report, the authors argue that while an incredible transformation in the teaching profession has been made over the past century, a lag in the progression of school systems has hindered the success of teachers in their professions.

A major issue holding teachers back from their potential lies within the perception of the teaching profession, as noted in the quote above. So what can we do to elevate our teachers in the US to make them even more effective educators? The report cites a list of suggestions, including:

  • Supporting teachers’ professional development from the beginning of their time in the profession -- and improving the quality of that professional development.
  • Giving teachers opportunities to take on leadership positions, modeling other professions.
  • Creating a hierarchy in which school leaders have the resources and training needed to encourage their teachers.
  • Read more of The Center for American Progress’s suggestions here.

Read the report here, and comment below on how you think we can best support and elevate our teachers in their profession.