Education in 100 Years

In The Atlantic’s “The Big Question” series, the popular magazine asks a tough question to a panel of experts in the field. From “What was the greatest gift of all time?” to “What is the greatest upset in history”, The Atlantic attempts to cover it all. colorful-question-mark1

Coincidentally, the most recent big question tackled was “How Will Education Be Different in 100 Years?” Answers varied, and while some panelists spoke about trends in education, others pointed out tangible differences they hoped to see within the education sphere. These included:

  • Education becoming more practical and project based, with an emphasis on applying what you learn in the classroom to real-life situations. For example, a student’s lessons in physics class would help to inform the student on how to rewire LED.
  • Education spanning a person’s entire life, instead of being front loaded to only the beginning of a human’s life span. Ideally, there will be just as many elderly getting degrees as there are young people.

Ultimately, one panelist pointed out he hopes education stays just as it is today, with “teachers in small classrooms face to face with their students”. What do you think the education sphere will look like in 100 years? Comment below, and click here to watch The Atlantic’s video.