How to Support Quality Teaching

“This is the moment to realize the promise of the teaching profession, and to build the kind of field we should have built a century ago.” The Transforming Teaching Project, a project of Harvard Graduate School of Education, recently released a white paper titled “From Quicksand to Solid Ground: Building a Foundation to Support Quality Teaching.” This paper details how education in the US should move forward in supporting teacher quality.

The authors point out 3 major areas of improvement:

  1. A better Research and Development (R&D) system. The education industry lacks an established R&D system, especially when compared to other industries. For example, medicine and engineering spend between 10-15% on R&D while only 0.25% of education spending goes towards R&D.
  2. A more organized social learning system, including initial teacher training, induction, professional development, and learning within schools. These pieces need to both improve in quality and align more clearly in order to help a teacher’s growth.
  3. A policy ecosystem that supports the first two areas of improvement. In order for the previous areas of improvement to be achieved, the right incentives and infrastructure should be in place, such as differentiated roles for teachers and standards for teacher work.

The white paper also details 12 design challenges that address the problems above. Read more about the areas of improvement and design challenges here. Comment below on how you will help to address these problems!