Bill Gates on the Importance of Teacher Evaluation

“Building effective teacher feedback and improvement systems everywhere is the most important movement in American education today.” - Bill Gates Last Wednesday, Bill Gates spoke on the importance of teacher evaluation at the USP Education Learning Forum. We have to say, we agree with his urgency and diligence in ensuring the teachers of today are highly effective.

Gates argues, “teacher effectiveness is the single most important in-school factor for student achievement”. And, in order to move teachers to be more and more effective, strong instructional leadership and performance management systems are vitally important. In fact, when improving school districts were studied (i.e. Kentucky, Denver), their common link in success was the exceptional support of their teachers through feedback and evaluation systems.

Gates points out that while some teachers are receiving excellent feedback, others are not receiving feedback that will help them become more effective educators. He makes an urgent plea for us to find what makes certain schools, districts, and states successful so we can implement similar systems across the United States.

Have you listened to Bill Gates’ speech? What do you think should be done to answer Gates’ plea? Comment below!

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