It’s Connected Educator Month!

Halloween, move over. October is Connected Educator Month! The initiative aims to “network educators and education stakeholders through connected professional learning experiences worldwide”. CE

And it’s not too late to get involved! Here are five ways to get the most out of Connected Educator Month:

  1. Check out the starter kit. This kit provides 31 days worth of content and action items for you to complete in order to become a connected educator. From social media to digital storytelling to online communities, this guide is sure to help you become more connected.
  2. Review this Twitter chat on Constructive Teacher Evaluation. Educators came together to discuss teacher evaluation and questions such as “What components of a teacher evaluation process can foster a growth mindset for all?” and “How do we make the eval process feel like part of a growth process, not a special occasion?”.
  3. Get social! Take to Twitter, Facebook, and blogging to share how you are a connected educator #ce15.
  4. Attend a virtual event! You can view the calendar here. There are hundreds of events still on the calendar for October and beyond. One that we are most excited for is The Largest Online Gathering of K-5 Classrooms on October 30. This event is a free, streaming concert and sing-a-long with over 37 states and multiple countries registered to attend. You better believe at least 1 person from Louisiana will be watching!
  5. Own it, year round. Remember that Connected Educator Month extends beyond October. Get connected at