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The Problem

Teacher performance data could be so powerful if it were only:

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Schools spend hundreds of hours a year taking and tracking down teacher performance data across paper forms, shared drives, spreadsheets, and email chains.


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Feedback is most powerful when shared with teachers right away, but dozens of other daily priorities compete for school leaders’ time and attention.

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Instructional coaches collect a trove of teacher data, but how does a school paint a clear picture of each teacher’s successes and growth needs?

Our Solution

In collaboration with educators across the US, we've designed the Whetstone Instructional Coaching Platform to save schools time, measure previously-immeasurable teacher trends, and connect teachers to instructional resources to drive their growth in the classroom.

  • STREAMLINE: Capture digital and video observations, share feedback, set goals, & analyze growth on one platform.
  • SHARE: Share observation data & feedback with one click, support teachers with video coaching, and connect teachers with resources to drive their development in real time.
  • FOCUS: Whetstone's quantitative and qualitative reporting pinpoints teacher growth needs and builds a narrative of teacher development over a school year.
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We insist on working collaboratively with our school partners to configure Whetstone's flexible platform to align to an organization's unique teacher development process. Many partners join Whetstone to improve efficiency; they stay because our non-negotiable thought partnership fosters a process of continual iteration as their processes evolve.


Whetstone is working with world-class partners to revolutionize teacher coaching and development.

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- The Uncommon Schools -

Whetstone has revolutionized our ability to capture data. We moved from pen and paper as an evaluation platform to keying it on laptops and printing it, to going totally web-based through Whetstone in a year. No more entering data into spreadsheets, reports are a keystroke away. I am evaluating on my Smartphone and before I leave the classroom, it’s in the teacher’s inbox as well as my database. Organizational personalization is simple and complete with a call or email to support.

- Scott Roy - Director of Teacher Development and Support Arkansas Teacher Corps

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- Firstline Schools -

Whetstone has helped us compile the data we need to support our teachers in order to support our students. It has helped us to differentiate for our teachers to support their learning to help our students grow.

- Abby Arriaga - Instructional Coach Pioneer Charter School

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- Rocky Mountain Prep -

Whetstone has helped me organize gateway evaluations and records each fellow’s individual progress on performance tasks… The platform also provides an overall summary of how the cohort of teachers are doing in an easy report that I can use to analyze trends.

- Carolyn Crockett - Director of Fellow Development Rocky Mountain Prep


We got our start in the New Orleans education innovation eco-system, where each school leader runs a different teacher development process than the one next door. This means that we've seen dozens of innovative systems AND that we had to build our technology to flex and align to different coaching methodologies. Out of all this comes a robust feature set that lets schools manage their teacher development system according to their values.

Form & Rubric Creator

Build your organization’s forms and rubrics into your personalized Whetstone site, or create new ones containing both quantitative and qualitative measurements.

Observation Capture & Video Coaching

Capture in-the-moment observations on your laptop or mobile device, and give teachers time-stamped feedback with our video coaching toolkit.

Goal & Action Step Trending

Whetstone’s Action Step and Goal managers track and analyze teachers’ incremental progress, allowing leaders to personalize PD in real-time and measure teachers’ skill development over a school year.

Quantitative & Qualitative Reporting

Teacher performance cannot always be summarized with a number. Whetstone measures Quantitative & Qualitative data side-by-side to identify trends and build a robust picture of teacher growth.

Quantitative Reporting answers questions like:

  • By how many points did a teacher grow between their initial and final formal evaluations?
  • How frequently is my instructional team observing teachers?

Qualitative Reporting answers questions like:

  • Should we focus next week’s PD on management or data-driven planning?
  • How quickly are teachers mastering skills like rigorous questioning, cognitive ratio, and student engagement?
  • Are coaches assigning action steps that are aligned to Student Learning Outcomes?


Build a narrative of teacher development over the school year to give teachers transparency into their professional growth and invest them their place as a member of your school family.



When you identify a teacher’s growth area, use Whetstone’s resource suggester to find and share videos, resources, and coaching plans targeted to individual’s needs.

Our Features

Whetstone is a flexible platform designed to adapt to your school's teacher coaching and evaluation process. Check out our SIX core features.

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Our Story

Like most good ideas, Whetstone was hatched over lunch. In a humid New Orleans cafeteria in 2011, two school leaders were commiserating about the inefficiencies of their teacher coaching process. There were binders full of rubrics, drives full of forms and trackers, and multi-year email chains with action steps and accolades. No systems talked to each other; reporting was a nightmare. The system was out of hand. That night, Andrew Cox went home and wrote the original code that is the backbone of Whetstone’s Teacher Coaching and Evaluation platforms. Today, Whetstone’s technology supports both Teacher Coaching and Teacher Evaluation at more than 215 schools across the United States.

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